Tailor Shop Sessions Episode 1

Hey everyone!

Ross Bennett here- and FINALLY AFTER YEARS of people asking me to do this- we are going to make it happen. So every week I am going to bring to you either myself on the podcast or a guest that will bring some more excitement to the table!

This week is Week 1: talking AUTHENTICITY.

What you wear says a lot more than you think to the world around you. We are all just balls of energy that is emitted to our surroundings. What we wear and how we look affects other energies around us- its that simple! Think about how children and animals react to you when you are around them…. they are they purest forms of counter-observations to your output of style and expressions. Think about it! When you are dressed really well, you might here a little girl or boy say, “wow you are so pretty..” Do they say that to you in gym clothes? nope… thats a NON-VERBAL communication reaction to your energy you display.

Clothing is the key to any authentic communication. It is your true expression without you even having to say anything. Let people know who you are- let them see you in your light, let them HEAR YOU ROAR!! Here in the shop thats what I do… I build lions, I teach authenticity…. I am the head chef to the finest Tailor Shop in the City. At my table we create transformations, I create a lifetime of communications for different scenarios.

Don’t be someone elses spokesmodel either. Dont be the poster child for some brand, it doesn’t do much for you. Rachel Zoe always said:

“Style is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to Speak.”

Listen to this podcast, I talk a bit about me and what it really means to dress Authentically.

click here : TailorShop Sessions 1: Authenticity

I’ll see you soon Be Blessed.

The Texas Tailor.

Ross and Erin.

Ross and Erin.