Tailor Shop Sessions Episode 2


Every day, do you do the same thing over and over? Is your life stagnant or are you experiencing new things every day and allowing a flow state to your life so that YOU CAN SUCCEED?

A lot of us, and myself included for a while, just did the same things every single day… Talked with the same people every day, and never really tried or had the internal energy to TRY NEW THINGS and Experiences. The moment that changed internally for me, my entire life changed. EPISODE 2



Experiences cause vibrations within our bodies that keep our blood and water flowing inside to keep us going. Certain experiences cause certain vibrations, and over time, you start to develop your own code that keeps you in a “comfort” or Stagnant way of living that starts to wear on you. We have all been there before. and the only way to make stagnant water flow is cause something to change!!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

thats a pretty powerful quote from Mahatma Gandhi and when you let it sink into your soul, and you see that every experience is THAT CHANGE, you will keep succeeding.

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Thanks for listening, and being a part of Our family.

The Texas Tailor