At a certain point in most men's lives, one will begin to appreciate the finer things in life, if they so choose. But as we get older, the importance and the value of dressing well is something most men see, but few follow- we at Ross Bennett want our suitings to be draping leaders, showing off each individual style. Some men may only wear a jacket or a suit for certain events/special occasions; some wear them every day. Both types participate in a certain global custom that came to be when the British were the mercantile rulers of the planet and the way the Man presented himself to society was symbol of success at the highest levels across the globe.

A true custom suiting experience requires meticulous precision and a level of expertise that allows for a seamless experience of what was asked for.  At RB we take great pride in providing that experience where vision and reality unfold to provide something beyond what was requested. No matter your preference, all gentlemen who tailor with us are assured satisfaction with the knowledge that their clothing is made for men who appreciate fine clothing, and want to continue the image of success within their own closet.

Here is a recent showcase where Ross called some of his clients from Austin, Texas to come wear some of their own custom clothing on the runway, really showcasing their own unique style.  You will see the same kind of tailoring, on all different body types, made of all different fabrics and cuts.