Launching with Blue Avocado

We went to Chicago to launch our Men's 2013 Collection for the American Designer Series for Blue Avocado. The company stands by designing covetable and sustainable products that we can use at home, work, and for play.

We are thrilled to have been asked for form part of a company that represents a broad range of stylish eco consumer products for the entire family.

With our line and Lauren Conrad's XO (eco) line you can rest knowing that there is minimal environmental impact while not sacrifcying style. Every product is made with 50% recycled plastic bottles and contains between 3 and 35 plastic bottles. 

Here are some pictures from our line that will be available through Amazon, coming soon!

American Designer Series: Lauren Conrad and Ross Bennett



RBC Messenger Bag, Laptop Sleeve, and eReader Sleeve (Grey/Blue/Green)



RBC Messenger Bag, Laptop Sleeve, and eReader Sleeve (Grey/Red/Blue)



RBC large Dopp kit (Grey/Red/Blue)



RBC Lunch Attache Lunch Boxes



RBC Lunch Tower Bags



Alain Denis, the man behind all the technical specs and development. 



Amy George, owner of Blue Avocado. 



Most of the Blue Avocado team and I. Look to the lower right and you can see the duffle bag!


(All pictures courtesy of the RBC Team)







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