A Wedding I Could Never Forget

So I never really write about my involvement with clients and their weddings/events that we suit them or dress them for but this wedding, I have to.... I have known the groom way too long and he has supported my company since the very beginning with just buying bow ties and squares to now suiting him for his most special day, his wedding day, marrying one of the sweetest and most beautiful women I have ever met- Ashleigh.

From playing soccer, basketball, baseball, to jr high/high school parties with this guy, he's been in my life for 20 years. We all have grown and developed into the men we are today, and let me tell you- I have seen first hand, that Lance is by far one of the most well rounded, and genuine people on the planet.  He travels the world to spread God's message to underprivileged kids and families in third world countries, he leads youth groups in Dallas that draw in crowds of hundreds if not thousands.... and thats just the tip of what this man does. Helping his dad running the family company, to running his youth church, I can tell you this man is going to be not only a great family man, but also an amazing father when that time comes.

When he asked me to make his suit for his wedding I was truly honored because I knew how special of an event for him this was going to be, he was marrying the woman who makes him better, who makes him shine, and the first time I met Ashleigh, you could instantly read that from the energy she gave off- she was the Rock that supported him on this earth.
Here are just a few pictures to show you how amazing this wedding was and how good Lance looked in his Custom Ross Bennett suit.

 Lance and some of his groomsmen in RB Bows

Some of the bridal party with Ashleigh and Lance

Lance and his lovely lady with some of the bridesmaids... matching perfectly to their dresses.

Photos by Shaun-Menary Photography www.shaunmenary.com

What an honor to be a part of this wedding, this is why I do what I do... this is what I love more than anything- getting to see our clients day made. If you are ever wanting the best to help make your day come to life, contact us and get suited up by myself personally.  We fly all over the world to make your day come true!!

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