Customization to one’s individual style is a joy in life that few gentlemen and ladies really get to experience. Here at Ross Bennett, we strive to make traditional men’s and women's custom clothing affordable for the impelled individual. We make shirts, suitings, and gowns the old fashioned way, by hand. Each piece is fully custom to the client's body with a trained eye, which is the way true tailors have always been making clothes.

Ross and his staff believe that making beautiful custom clothing is an art, something that cannot be done by the use of computer programs and gadgets, it has to be done with tapes, rulers, a solid hand, and a trained eye.  The whole process starts inside the small quiet shop here with Ross Bennett explaining to him exactly what you are trying to say and where you are going. “This is YOUR non-verbal communication to the rest of the World…” Ross says, “… and the power of Authentic purchasing when trying to figure out what to say… man thats powerful.” If you think about it, every purchase you make is for a reason, so when it comes to clothing, he guides you into building the authentic You.

Ross personally is not just a tailor, he is a designer and a true visionary first. He makes sure that with each garment made, the fabric patterns, the lining, and the overall fit of the suit, shirt, or gown, meets the clients overall standards of style and how they personally dress.  From casual wear for cocktail parties or other day events, to business suiting and formalwear, he makes the world of custom clothing fun and exciting for the modern Gentlemen and opulent Lady.  His main goal is provide his clients with a classic, versatile sense of style that can be worn for decades, and teach them at the same time the importance of dressing well, and feeling confident. He always states that, “Clothing should be recognized like a piece of art, with each piece having its own story to tell and feeling to give the wearer. Hell its what they are at the end of the day trying to say!!” You truly can see each individuals communications and individuality in every garment he creates.

Schedule an appointment with Ross Bennett himself, and see your world of clothing and communication transform.